The 22nd Israeli Annual International Storytelling Festival 24 of September - 5 of October 2015

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International Storytelling Festival - Amsterdam 2012

Storytellers from UK and Canda will perform on the 17th Annual Storytelling Festival

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17th Annual Storytelling Festival hosts international story tellers

  Storytelling Festival 2014

The 21st Israeli Annual

International Storytelling Festival

9-18 of October 2014


The Israeli Annual International Storytelling Festival will be held this year from the 9th of October until the 18th, for 10 days at the Giv'ataim Theatre.


The Festival is a unique and important cultural event that has been at the forefront of Israel’s cultural activity for the past 21 years.


The International Israeli Annual Storytelling Festival is

the largest and most successful storytelling event in the world.


During the festival over 100 storytelling shows will be performed on stage with over 800 performers in a wide range of topics featuring theatre stars, comedians, stage performers, writers, musicians, philosophers, politicians and prominent cultural figures from across Israel.


To celebrate its 21st year, the Annual Israeli International Storytelling Festival will be hosting prominent performers from around them world: From Japan, the Rakugo storyteller – Sayohime, from Holland, the storytelling show 'Kingdom of Fire', the Romanian comedy 'Outdoor Crooks', the Persian-Dutch storyteller Sahand Sahebdivani, the Polish Storyteller Witold Dabrowski, and from Portugal the well-known Portuguese actress and director Sandra Barata Belo


After touring the world, Sayohime, Japanese Rakugo storyteller and performer, comes for the first time to Israel. Rakugo is a 400 year-old form of comedic Japanese storytelling that is still popular today. The storyteller kneels on a cushion to tell a funny story written in dialogue format. She performs each character in the story by switching focal points, postures, and voices, while using only two props, a fan and a Japanese cotton towel.


The Rakugo refers to the punch line with which most stories end. Rakugo stories are humorous stories that give you insight to the Japanese culture, the Japanese people and their daily life. A wonderful evening of Japanese culture and universal humor! The show is in English.


Sahand Sahebdivani was born in Tehran in 1980 to a family of impoverished nobility of generals and mystics. He escaped the Ayatollahs at the age of three when his family fled to Amsterdam. Like all good Iranian parents his own wanted him to become a doctor. He surprised his parents and probably saved the lives of future patients by becoming a storyteller instead. For the past decade he runs the most popular storytelling center of the Netherlands, hosting nights in Dutch and English. The Dutch storytelling society nominated him national storyteller of the year in 2012, 2013 & 2014. Sahand has performed on international stages, performing in the UK, Germany, Hungary and Turkey in Persian, English and Dutch.


In Speaker of Djinns Sahand takes you on a trip that mixes Persian classical stories with the adventures of his own family. Some of his stories are so unbelievable; you have a hard time discerning where the border lies between fantasy and reality. 


Witold Dabrowski is a Polish actor, storyteller and the deputy manager of The NN Theatre in Lublin, Poland, devoted to restoring the memory of the non-existent world of the Jewish Lublin by artistic events, exhibitions, seminars and concerts. It is a unique and exceptional organization run by non Jewish artists devoted to preserve the culture of an entire Jewish community that was demolish in World War 2.


"Shlemiel from Chelem'', is a very funny and insightful story. Shlemiel is bored with life in Chelm and he sets out on foot to the “Great Lublin”. On the way he mixes up directions and comes back home. However, he is convinced, that it cannot be the same Chelm which he left and insists that he came to a town which is identical but not the same as his Chelm.


The show will be in Polish with Hebrew subtitles.


In "Meetings and mismatches”, Portuguese actress and director Sandra Barata Belo talks about meetings and mismatches in her personal life and in her career in theatre, television and cinema. Famous for her interpretation of Amália Rodrigues (lead part in the film “Amália” (2010)) Sandra Barata Belo also speaks about the Portuguese diva of FADO and her performance of Amália.


The performance is in English. 


From the Mignon Theatre in Romania, comes the very funny and bubbly comedy by Ion Băieşu "Outdoor Crooks" ("Escroci in aer liber"), where we are introduced to different hilarious styles of seduction. A professional ladies man chooses the train platform as a place to exhibit his Don Juan skills. His intended victim, a naive young girl is at least as able as himself to manipulate the feelings of the opposite sex. Who will be the seducer in the end, and who will get seduced.


With: Dan Tudor, Monica Davidescu, directed by: Dan Tudor, music: Vlad Creţu.


The show is in Romanian with subtitles in English 


"Kingdom of Fire and Clay" From Holland After a successful European tour, the Iranian-Israeli storytelling performance will be preformed for the first time in Israel. The show combines classical Jewish and Iranian tales, as well as the personal stories of storytellers Raphael Rodan and Sahand Sahebdivani. Words are mixed with music, friction with moments of ntimacy, humor with tears – telling a new story about friendship.


Musicians: Anastasis Sarakatsanos and Bas Kisjes .


The performance is in English. 


The Artistic Director and creator of the festival is Yossi Alfi - a well-known Israeli storyteller, author and theatre director. Yossi has performed around the world, telling his life story, in the US, Canada, Poland, Singapore, Thailand and many more, and most recently had a very successful tour in Europe with performances in the UK and Holland.


You may visit the festival website for further information:

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