The 22nd Israeli Annual International Storytelling Festival 24 of September - 5 of October 2015

Harif marks new Jewish Refugee Day

There’s nothing like a good story By BARRY DAVIDS, The Jerusalem Post

International Storytelling Festival - Amsterdam 2012

Storytellers from UK and Canda will perform on the 17th Annual Storytelling Festival

Good news for you, Israelis living abroad!!! the Israel Storytelling Festival is on tv on the Israeli Channel

One way ticket - a new show

Tips for the Storyteller

Storytelling Festival Videos

17th Annual Storytelling Festival hosts international story tellers

  Israel People’s Theatre

Israel People’s Theatre (2001) LTD is a production company that produces storytelling shows, festivals and various cultural events.


The Annual Israeli Storytelling Festival, a highly successful Israeli event for the past 17 years, is one of the major productions of the company.

In addition, People's Theatre has a vast experience in producing of plays, television shows, various performances, social projects and festivals (including the JazzEuropa Festival, The Community Theater Festival and many more).


People’s Theatre also produces private storytelling events for different audiences, created according to the wishes and personal taste of the client. The events range between intimate events with several storytellers to unique community heritage conventions with people from the company/community whose work and contributions are worthy of a tale.

The Artistic Director of the company is the storyteller, director and poet Yossi Alfi.

People’s Theatre holds workshops and courses hosted by Yossi Alfi and open to the general public.

Students of these courses come from various backgrounds, including theatre people, educators, cultural leaders, lawyers, medical staff, businessmen and senior citizens.

The course includes work on the personal story, editing the story, the written story, how to prepare a storytelling event, the story as a one-person show and much more.

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The People’s Theatre team will be happy to apply its vast experience

in producing your event!

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