Theater and community

Even if you are not a theater person this book may be of interest to you.

Community theater is a new concept. His field of activity, both on the creative artistic side and on the social and organizational side, began to take root in various areas of society.

The use of drama for the purpose of creating social relationships has recently become the domain of many involved in education, culture and social work.

While investigating the elements of the theater and their position compared to the elements of the community, the author arrives at conceptual parallels that create a synthesis between the theater and the community.

The theater is a social instrument that was created by a verb. for her, and for her use.

In this book, the reader will be able to find himself between the conceptual theory and the practical ways to realize community theater. All this according to the rich experience of the author in this field of specialization.

While following the events as part of the author’s activity, it is possible to draw new conclusions and formulate a renewed position regarding the use of the theater for social needs. This book is the first of three books that the author intends to publish in this field.

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