Songs for Sue

love songs

Songs for Sue, love songs – Yossi Alfie writes love songs

Who among us would not be happy to receive for his birthday a book of poems written especially for him by the person closest to him. The famous poet, theater man and storyteller Yossi Alfi gives each of us a gift of a book of poems that are influenced by love for man, for beauty, for the entire universe. In a world full of love “our princess trusts forever”, the parable of love is his wife Sue, to whom he wrote during the four decades in which they shared their love.


“Shirim L-Sue” is Yossi Alfi’s 11th book of poems. The poet and founder of the Storytellers Festival, who founded the trend for social theater at Tel Aviv University, founded the Givatayim Theater and authored plays and scripts. Yossi Alfi, the man of spirit and act, his sensitive poems are the essence of the life stories of all of us, the essence of our lives. The book “Songs for Sue” is a gift from lovers, which comes from within him who always loves.

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