The story of the first years

Yossi Alfi telling the stories about the beging:
history, future and more

The “People’s Theater” team will produce and stage a storytelling show directed by Yossi Alfi according to the well-known and successful format of the “Storytelling Festival”. We will build the concept of the show, prepare and brief the participants and produce a successful and unique event that will be filmed and broadcast on radio and television.

 Together we will bring the stories about the chosen town/kibbutz/moshav their history, future.

We have been operating successfully for three decades, producing many events for various organizations and many towns in Israel: Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Kfar Saba, Kiryat Ono, Jerusalem, Kibbutz Revivim, Kibbutz Aylot, Ashkelon, Haifa, these are some of the places where we have performed.

The participants will be representative figures and diverse faces of the community, whose contribution and work are noteworthy and constitute a milestone in its development. The structure of the show: according to the successful format – “Storytelling Festival”.

For more details: 03-5616124

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