Mozart corner of Ibn Gvirol

Yossi Alfi and the maestro Gil Shohat with Sari Alfi and Tali Kafa

The maestro Gil Shochat and the poet Yossi Alfi go from their different and distant childhoods to the classics in music, poetry and stories. Gil tells about his childhood decorated with the sounds of Mozart. Yossi tells about his childhood perfumed with the fragrances of the Golden Age, and together they weave a synthesis in a new and surprising Israeli story. Yossi and Gil are joined on stage by the singers Efrat Rotem and Sari Alfi, who expand the flavors and sounds from east and west, to the special mix that creates contemporary Israeliness.

The opera singer Tali Kafar, who has a unique soprano voice, will sing classical works alongside well-known songs and Alfie’s songs.

A fascinating and entertaining show!

For more details: 03-5616124

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