A show of stories and songs

“One Way Ticket” is based on the stories and poems of the well-known Israeli poet and storyteller Yossi Alfi.

Brimming with moving stories and universal humor, the performance recounts a child’s 1949 voyage with his grandmother from Iraq and their clandestine immigration to Israel.
His daughter, Israeli singer Sari Alfi, brings to life the sound of her father’s childhood with traditional Iraqi songs.
Their performance takes you back to the past while celebrating the heritage of the old generation with the new.

Audiences young and old can identify with the colorful characters who populate Yossi’s world.

Yossi performs and lectures in both English and Hebrew and has delighted audiences of adults and children around the world.
Yossi is a prominent storyteller, author, and poet whose television shows are broadcast in Israel and on the “Israeli channel” in the U.S and Europe. Yossi’s radio programs are broadcast in Israel as well.
Yossi has a sweeping repertoire of stories and his
performances address a broad range of topics: identity, personal narratives, travel, peace, aliyah, and many more.
His stories are humorous and enlightening.
Be prepared for a twist ending!

Musical accompaniment: Eran Tsanhani

For more details: 03-5616124

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