One Way Ticket

a poetic play

Yossi Alfi’s adherence to his biographical roots produced this work, a poetic pattern that was accepted by our great poets in Spain in the Middle Ages, who received it from Arabic literature.

This book is the play that was successfully performed in 1991-1993

Starring Aryeh Elias.

The story of Babylonian Judaism, which was in Iraq through the eyes of a child / teenager, who became an actor and arrives with the entire community in the Land of Israel after 2600 years

Extensive culture and history.

The book, Shiroi and his stories were presented under the name “Zionist dream – a ticket in one direction”,

as “Opera for Storyteller and Orchestra” at the Israel Festival. The piece won

For enthusiastic reviews of the performance of the Israeli Chamber Orchestra and Yossi Alfi, as a narrator.

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