The power of three

The three cycles of stories interwoven in this book make up the personal and public life story of its author, Yossi Alfi, one of the prominent figures in the cultural scene in Israel. In the first cycle of stories, “Eti self”, the author recounts the events of his life – mainly in his childhood and teenage years, in which his personality, as it is known to the Israeli public, took shape. In the second cycle, “I am with you”, he sketches situations and characters that are fused into a portrait of Israeli society as it is reflected in his eyes. The third cycle, called “Conversations with Myself” – as the name implies: the author is as if talking to himself, while conducting a poignant personal soul-searching and revealing his most private and intimate reflections, questions and struggles.

For each cycle in the book, the author knows how to give a color and character – linguistic and stylistic – that suit it. In the I Eti cycle we witness Alfi’s proven talent as a storyteller, who knows how to weave a direct, fascinating and fluid story-plot. In the cycle I am with you, his complex reference to the essence of life in Israel is evident – which is a loving and committed reference, but also critical, ironic, and smiling. The Conversations with Myself series is distinguished by its honesty and sensitivity that inspire astonishment and appreciation, when they reveal a facet of the author’s personality that was hidden from the public eye, thus giving it another dimension – deep and exciting.

In the power of three is the twenty-fifth book of Yossi Alfi, a writer and poet, who is also a man of many works in the field of culture in Israel. He wrote television series for children, wrote and directed plays for various theaters, founded the Storytelling Festival, and is constantly active in the world of culture and media, in many and varied fields

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