The 22nd Israeli Annual International Storytelling Festival 24 of September - 5 of October 2015

Harif marks new Jewish Refugee Day

There’s nothing like a good story By BARRY DAVIDS, The Jerusalem Post

International Storytelling Festival - Amsterdam 2012

Storytellers from UK and Canda will perform on the 17th Annual Storytelling Festival

Good news for you, Israelis living abroad!!! the Israel Storytelling Festival is on tv on the Israeli Channel

One way ticket - a new show

Tips for the Storyteller

Storytelling Festival Videos

17th Annual Storytelling Festival hosts international story tellers

  Storytelling workshop
The storytelling workshop uses special techniques in order to allow students, through words and sound, to tell and act out stories and entertain their families, colleagues, and clients.

The workshop may be used toward forging group solidarity in the workplace.

Workshops can be also oriented toward managers and employees, studying separately or together.

Dynamics evolving during the workshop expose the beautiful stories participants hold inside.

It expands their imagination, and brings a unique experience into the workplace.

The workshop is highly recommended for senior citizens

in elderly citizens homes as a way of enriching their cultural activities.

Workshops can be held on subjects such as:

The story as a one-person show
The personal story
Stories from written text
The oral story
The making of a Storytelling event

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